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Back from my travels

I'm back! I got back home about 2 weeks ago after a 7 week roadtrip! It was amazing and everything I hoped it could be. 2 weeks each in Colorado, Wyoming and California visiting family and close friends. We were lucky because everyone stayed with inside was vaccinated or almost fully vaccinated, and we traveled very safely limiting our time indoors and (especially) our time indoors in certain state where folks just didn't seem to care about wearing masks. All in all it was a great trip and I'm glad we decided to do it!

It's been taking me some time to get back into blogging, but I intend to jump back in towards the end of this month (May) and into June. I have some travel commitments and some trips with my family planned, so I want to prioritize those. Speaking of prioritizing, during the roadtrip I barely did any sewing other than for a few minutes here and there at the beginning of my trip which is what my most recent post stemmed from. Once I tried sewing on the road once or twice, I realized it was too much to balance and was becoming stressful (which I never want sewing to become for myself). The too much to balance was working full time while ensuring I make the most out of the limited time I had with the family and friends we were visiting. It did not leave much time to sew, and I felt OK putting my sewing aside and prioritizing my time with the people I love.

So, there you go! This is my post to get me back into blogging and writing about my sewing experience. I hope to post once or twice by the end of the month, but we will see how the month goes!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that I have been doing a bit of sewing over the last two weeks since I returned home. I created the skirt in the photo at the top - it's the Paperbag Skirt by Ellie and Mac. Took me way longer than expected because I kept messing simple things up and having to undo my stitches. C'est la vie. But I think it came out quite nice and it's from fabric my friend bought in Thailand and gave to me a few years ago. I've been wanting to make something from it for years now!

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