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Finished the Calvin Wrap Dress!

I think that was a first for me - I started and finished a complicated (for me) sewing projects in about 2 weeks (I accidentally left this post as a draft for a few weeks)! Usually I procrastinate much more :) It may be one size too big for me, but it came out beautifully!

There were some complications which definitely tested my patience! And a few times I wanted to just throw the dress across the room. This was the first time I broke a needle trying to sew through too much fabric. I've definitely tested my sewing machine before and sewed through multiple layers of fabric, but last night my machine was having none of it. I was trying to sew the ends of the ties, and whoopsie! At this point, I was even using the walking foot which is supposed to be able to handle thicker fabric. I eventually gave up and just hand sewed the ends of the ties. That was a pain in the butt too as it wasn't easy to push the needle through the layers, and they didn't come out looking great. I'm considering finishing them with a zig zag stitch instead of folding. Anyone have tips or suggestions for me?!

Happy Monday!

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