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Forks as pattern weights

Is this the way you're supposed to weigh down your pattern, so you can trace and cut? Sure! You can do whatever you want to do!

I'm a newbie, I don't have actual pattern weights, buuutttt we have an incredible amount of forks, and some of those forks are heavy-ish! Perfect.

Over the weekend, I started working on the Calvin Wrap Dress by True Bias. My grandmother had given me about 5 yards of this beautiful sturdy, green fabric that is most likely 30 years old. The description of the fabric True Bias recommends you use is, "Light to medium weight woven fabrics that press well such as linen, chambray, rayon challis, silk crepe de chine, and cotton." This fabric definitely presses well and it's for sure medium weight, but I'm really not sure what it is. The 'right' side is glossy. If anyone can tell me, that would be helpful! Here's two close-ups of the right and wrong sides of the fabric:

Happy almost-weekend!


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