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I'm back!

It has been a while...a long while! I see my last post was in April - more than 7 months ago! In my defense, I live just outside of the Adirondack Park and had a spectacular summer (my first full summer up here since I was young) jam-packed full of mountains, lakes, and camping. It was absolutely amazing. One of the best summers I have ever had. Also, I was on the house hunt during that time and in October closed on a house!! In the last few weeks I've been setting up my sewing room. It is still a work in progress, but we are getting there. It's got lovely windows around 3/4 of the room, so lots of sunlight. It's technically an enclosed porch on the second floor. My house was built in 1898, so in the Victorian Era which a quick google search tells me was about 1837-1901. I learned that back in the day the porch would have been open air - maybe protected from mosquitos and other bugs with some sort of netting - and people would bring their beds out there in the summertime to catch a cool breeze. Now it's my sewing sanctuary :).

You can see in the first photo that I'm working on a new project! More to come!

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