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On-the-road sewing

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Two days ago my cousin and I headed out on a cross-country roadtrip. As I write this, we are in Nebraska almost to our first destination: my uncle's house outside of Denver. Both of us are lucky enough to be able to work remotely and neither of us has our own place. She's freshly graduated undergrad about a year ago, and I had given up my apartment in the city almost six months ago. I have been staying with family on the east coast since then. We figured we might as well take advantage of remote work while we can and travel as long as we could do it safely during COVID. So far it's been hit or miss on the safety aspect. We did stay in two hotels the last two nights in places where many of the staff were not wearing masks, despite there being mask mandates in at least one of these states (Indiana & Iowa). At rest stops it has been similar, most are wearing masks but inevitably there are those not wearing masks and they tend to not stay six feet away either. Luckily our uncle is getting vaccinated, so hopefully that will give him some protection if we are unlucky enough to fall sick despite trying to be as safe as we can be.

I bought a very light weight, small sewing machine for the trip and I intend to try out some small travel projects. Two I have in mind are an eye mask and an earbuds case. I'm excited to try out these projects and see how I can fit in time to sew while visiting friends and family. We are traveling for a total of about 6-7 weeks and will be in each location about 2 weeks. The time in one place should give me some time to get one or two simple projects down each week. More to come tomorrow about what sewing supplies I've brought with me!

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