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Sewing is a meditation

I often think of sewing as a meditation, but I was reminded again last night as I was listening to Brené Brown's Unlocking Us podcast. She had Tim Ferriss and Dax Shepard on as guests and at one point she was saying how she's not great at meditating. She finds herself walking and swimming, and while she's doing these exercises, she's thinking about her grocery list and other things she's got to do. She says, "I love walking and swimming, because they hit all three of the exercise, meditation, and no one can find me." However, she never considered the walking and swimming as true meditations, but Tim Ferriss points out, "By almost any experienced mediator’s definition, if we’re looking at the sort of emotional cognitive outcomes and not the vehicle to get there, absolutely[ [swimming is meditation]. You don’t have to sit in a cave in full lotus with your knees aching, thinking about oat milk staring at the back of your eyelids. I think swimming is outstanding meditation." I love that - you don't have to be full lotus in a cave. I do meditate regularly, but much like Brené, I also love swimming (but sadly haven't done any of it since the pandemic started).

Sewing is a meditation for me and has become my primary form of meditation during the pandemic. It is a practice in patience and acceptance because it takes time, focus, and forgiveness of mistakes. I want to jump right in when I get a new pattern, but until I get to the point of pulling out or buying the fabric, I often will have forgotten to wash and dry it beforehand (#sewingtip - always wash and dry your fabric the way your normally would before you cut and sew it. You know in general how your clothing changes after being washed and dried? It's the same with fabrics you buy). Sewing forces me to slow down. It hyper focuses me on a task, I forget about everything else I have to do, and it gives me a break from incessant thoughts.

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