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The Hudson Pant

I finally finished sewing the Hudson Pant by True Bias. About three weeks ago. From start to finish - deciding to buy the pattern and then sewing the final stitches (and for the purposes of this blog, actually writing and posting this) - took me 11 months.

But I did (am doing) it and they are comfortable and cozy - just what I wanted. I just got out of a three-year relationship two months ago. My favorite pair of sweatpants were the ones my now former partner gave me. The break-up provided the the motivation (and inspiration - I'm going to finally do this because I'm f'ing awesome!) to sew these sweatpants because I needed a new and improved favorite pair! Thank you, next.

On to the actual pants. I bought grayson sweatshirting in khaki fabric by McElroy from Three Little Birds Sewing Co. near where I used to live in Maryland. It was the beginning of the pandemic, I was looking for something to do while at home all of the time and I wanted to support local. I did not know what I was doing, so the lovely Kate at Three Little Birds suggested the sweatshirting fabric and I went with it and I'm happy I did! It is so thick, warm and comfortable. It has great stretch, plus it was really easy to sew. Oh and I used a rib knit for the ankle cuffs (Thanks for that too, Kate)! The waste bad was supposed to be the rib knit fabric too, but I messed up on cutting as I did not realize what cut on fold meant (I feel those words are misleading. If I read, 'cut on fold' I will literally cut on fold. That's for another day, though). So, so much for that! But they came out great just the same.

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