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What I brought with me on the road

Good morning from the Denver area! My cousin and I arrived on Saturday night to a lovely little neighborhood outside of Denver where my uncle lives. It was 70 and beautiful yesterday and I was able to spend some much needed time outdoors. The mountain views that pop-up around bends are awe-inspiring!

I'm back to my 9-5 today (I'm lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere right now due to 'Rona) and, therefore, to my regular routine. We'll be here for two weeks so that's enough time to work on a project or two. Before I left home, I pulled together some essentials. I would like to say I was judicious enough to take only fat quarters, but I kind of just indiscriminately cut some pieces of fabric to bring with me. I bought a small sewing machine that I read could be used as a back-up sewing machine, brought to client houses, or for children to use. If children can use it, so can I, right?!?! I only tested it out at home, so I'll see how it actually works here. I also brought some velcro strips because hey, you never know! Along with some batting, and some mask patterns and elastic. I figured folks I'm staying with might like some masks. Lastly, of course I brought my pinking shears, scissors, disappearing pen, chalk pencil and sharpener, pins, seam ripper, and measuring tape (I also brought a small ruler, but forgot to take a photo). Next step is to set-up a little work area and figure out my first projects. I have a few in mind!

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